"Rainy Day People" Show # 06-13
PLAYLIST FOR March 28, 2006
1. Early Morning Rain Ian & Sylvia Complete Recordings-'01 Vanguard
2. Rainy Day People Gordon Lightfoot Cold On The Shoulder-'75 Reprise
3. Feels Like Rain John Smith Hole In The Clouds-'98 Blue Pine
4. Not A Drop Of Rain Robert Early Keen Gravitational Forces-'01 Lost Highway
5. Every Time It Rains Eric Bibb Natural Light-'03 Earth Beat
6. Buckets Of Rain Jack Williams Laughing In The Face of The Blues-'05 Wind River
7. Fall Down As The Rain Joe Crookston Fall Down As The Rain-'04 Milagrito
8. New Mexico Rain Bill & Bonnie Herne Diamonds In The Rough-'97 Warner
9. Light Rain Geoff Muldaur Password-'00 Hightone
10. Sittin' Out The Rain Alan Thornhill Sittin' Out The Rain-'00 Matilija
11. I Think It's Gonna Rain Tony Rice Cold On The Shoulder-'83 Sugar Hill
12. Donegal Rain Andy M. Stewart Donegal Rain-'97 Green Linnet
13. It's Raining Pat Kirtley Rural Life-'98 Mainstring
14. It's Great When It Rains Chuck Suchy Dakota Breezes-'92 Flying Fish

Much of the music played on the Folk Sampler can be found at : Elderly Instruments, Lansing, Michigan.


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