"As Old As You Feel" Show # 06-27
PLAYLIST FOR June 27, 2006
1. We Still Listen To The Radio Susan Graham White Rescue-'90 White
2. Sara McCutcheon Cathy Fink Doggone My Time-'90 Sugar Hill
3. 75 Summer Cheryl Wheeler Different Stripe-'02 Philo
4. Hello In There John Prine John Prine-'71 Atlantic LP
5. The Mourners LaVerne Hanners Westering- (cassette) Hanners
6. Goodbye Old Cowboy Hobo Jim The Wilderness Way-'96 Hobo Jim
7. Walker Behind The Wheel Bill Staines Tracks & Trails-'91 Philo
8. Old Lovers Bryon Bowers For You-'90 Flying Fish
9. The Tears The Old Man Cried Greg Jacobs Look At Love-'99 Binky
10. Desperados Waiting For A Train Rita Coolidge Fall Into Spring-'74 A&M LP
11. I'd Like To Be In Texas Don Edwards Saddle Songs-'97 Shanachie
12. Old Man's Song Bok, Tricket, Muir Harbors of Home-'98 Timberhead
13. I'm Too Young To Marry Jimmy Driftwood Americana Vol. 1-91 Bear
14. Gone Fishin' Pat Kirtley Rural Life-'98 Mainstring
15. This Box I'm Looking Through Ron Fetner This Box I'm Looking Though-'96 Cimirron-Rainbird

Much of the music played on the Folk Sampler can be found at : Elderly Instruments, Lansing, Michigan.


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