"The Lady Songwriters" Show # 06-08
PLAYLIST FOR February 21, 2006
1. Broken Promises Mary McCaslin Broken Priomises-'94 Philo
2. Art Of Virtue Adrienne Young The Art of Virtue-'05 Addie Belle
3. Paradise Hotel Eliza Gilkyson Paradise Hotel-'05 Red House
4. Dolly Parton Dolly talking about her musical background . Sugar Hill
5. Little Sparrow Dolly Parton Little Sparrow-'01 Sugar Hill
6. My Heart Is Filled With Love Joyce Anderson Love & Thirst-'05 Anderson
7. Bane & Balm Laurie Lewis Seeing Things-'98 Rounder
8. Little Bird Becky Buller Little Bird-'04 Bell Buckle
9. Pans of Biscuits Kate Campbell Blues & Lamentations-'05 Large River
10. A Simple Life Nanci Griffith Hearts In Mind-'05 New Door
11. Mercy Kat Eggleston The Only Word-'05 Red Wing
12. Colorado Woman Caroline Herring Wellspring-'03 Blue Corn
13. Traveling Lady Rosalie Sorrels My Last Go 'Round-04 Red House
14. Follow That Road Anne Hills Angle of the Light-'95 Flying Fish

Much of the music played on the Folk Sampler can be found at : Elderly Instruments, Lansing, Michigan.


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