"Halloween" Show # 99-43
PLAYLIST FOR October 27, 1999
1. Deal With The Devil Peter Rowan All On A Rising Day-'91 Sugar Hill 3791
2. Shorty's Ghost David Rea Shorty's Ghost-'97 Gitsu
3. Night Fears Brooks Williams Knife Edge-'95 Green Linnet 2121
4. Johnny and the Devil Hans Theessink Johnny and the Devil-'90 Flying Fish 70545
5. Me and the Devil Blues Robert Johnson Complete Recordings-1930s Columbia 46222
6. Markheim Nelson Olmsted Sleep No More-'62 Vanguard LP 9008
7. Mallon's Bridge Mustard's Retreat Back To Back-'87 Red House 72
8. The Ghost Lover Ian And Sylvia Tyson Northern Journey-'64 Vanguard 79154
9. Sweet William's Ghost Cindy Mangsen Songlines-'92 Compass Rose 5
10. Beat The Devil James McCandless Sea of Freedom-'93 St. Christopher 4001
11. The Ghost of Blind Willie Johnson Tony Furtado Roll My Blues Away-'97 Rounder 0343
12. Who's That Knocking At My Door Snakes Alive Snakes Alive-'95 Rounder 0177
Much of the music played on the Folk Sampler can be found at :
Elderly Instruments, Lansing, Michigan.


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