"Halloween" Show # 98-42
PLAYLIST FOR October 21, 1998
1. Who's That Knocking? Dreadful Snakes Snakes Alive! Rounder 0177
2. Betrayed By Fear Mike Cross Prodigal Son Sugar Hill 1008
3. Night Fears Brooks Williams Knife Edge Green 2121
4. Deal With The Devil Peter Rowan All On A Rising Day Sugar Hill 3791
5. Beat The Devil James McCandless Sea of Freedom St Christopher4001
6. The Highwayman Danny Doyle The Highwayman Release 8001 LP
7. The Tell Take Heart Nelson Olmsted Tales of Terror Vanguard 9007 LP
8. Ghost of Blind Willie Johnson Tony Furtado Roll My Blues Away Rounder 0343
9. Chains and Things B. B. King Indianola Mississippi Seeds MCA 31343
10. Mallon's Bridge Mustard's Retreat Back to Back Red House 72
11. Let The Mystery Be Iris DeMent Infamous Angel Philo 1138
Much of the music played on the Folk Sampler can be found at :
Elderly Instruments, Lansing, Michigan.


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